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Official Sponsors of The Winter Festival of Wonders:

What Weekly

Proud soldiers in the war against boredom, What Weekly puts the weird and beautiful in the public eye. From the rubble of the industrial collapse, the people of Baltimore have built a cultural bazaar. As Baltimore experiences a cultural, artistic and intellectual rebirth, What Weekly, an award-winning web magazine, dares to document the great Baltimore Renaissance.   What Weekly is co-created by the community it represents and exemplifies the spirit of the digital revolution.www.whatweekly.com


Dr. Nodnol’s Imagination Rejuvenation Tonic

Dr. Nodnol’s Imagjination Rejuvenation tonic represents a breakthrough in modern science, psychology, metaphysics and pataphysics. Invented, tested, patented, approved, and used daily by the one and olny Dr. Finius J. Nodnol III, Esq, Dr. Nodnol’s Imagination Rejuvenation Tonic is guaranteed to free your brain to explore new territories within the far reaches of your imagination. Often imitated, never duplicated, finely fabricated, this tonic will return you to your lost childhood prerogatives and awaken the dreaming that lies within. 100% Guaranteed or your money back. www.drnodnol.com




Flying Dog Brewery

Located in Frederick, MD, Flying Dog is Maryland’s largest brewery. As their tagline proclaims, Flying Dog is committed to producing world-class craft beer and continues to push the envelope with experimental and limited-edition releases. Recent accolades include Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale ranked as the #1 American Pale Ale in the U.S. by The New York Times and Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA named one of the best new beers in 2010 by multiple sources. www.flyingdogbrewery.com




Gaia is an immersive dance, music, and art experience. It is a happy middle between a club and a lounge, where you can talk without screaming or drown yourself in music and light.

Gaia means Earth. Artists who are featured at Gaia embrace their responsibilty to elevate our collective spirit, to educate, to guide, to inspire, to make life more livable.

This is why Gaia is an experience you enjoy, where you feel alive, connected, grounded and happy.







“Go on. Stick your neck out.”

Taking its name from one of South Africa’s earliest peoples, this down to earth range of wines pays tribute to the adventurous Obikwa people and the ostrich, their trusty companion with its extraordinary long neck. For the adventurous lover of life and wine looking for something a little different;Obikwa’s range of easy-drinking, quality, new world wines is the perfect choice for you. www.obikwa.com



The Entertainment Playground

The Entertainment Playground Inc is a full service event company handling events of all sizes and
purposes. We don’t just rent equipment. Our dedicated staff plans and customizes your event to best fit
your concept. Are you looking for a caterer? A casino night? An inflatable moon bounce for the kids?
Perhaps a trivia game show or a karaoke night is more what you had in mind? Have you ever
experienced an outdoor movie on a giant inflatable screen? Our clients consist of corporations, nonprofits
of all sizes, schools at a variety of levels including college, retirement communities, apartment
complexes and much more. We’re one-stop shopping with the flexibility to do as much or as little as you
want. We work on all budgets, large and small. Let our staff take the stress out of planning your next
event! Visit us on the web at www.TheEntertainmentPlayground.com. Here at The Entertainment
Playground we’re “creating memories, one exceptional event at a time.”



Work Printing and Graphics 

Work Printing and Graphics is a full service print shop specializing in personalized service and a fast turnaround at a very competitive price. With over 15 years print experience we can help you with all of your printing needs, from start to finish.

Our customers range from large corporations and universities to small non-profit organizations and neighborhood associations. No matter what size the job, it is our goal to provide fast service at a great price and, more importantly, peace of mind and the knowledge that your project is in good hands.  http://www.workprinting.com/


Vici Wine and Spirits 

Vici Wine and Spirits passionately serves manufacturers, importers, and distributors of the U.S. alcohol beverage industry by promoting fine wine and spirits at impressive value. Vici is a sales and marketing company focused on branded case production, importation, distributor management and market execution, but most importantly, excellent customer care. www.viciwineandspirits.com




Creative Mindflow

As we move further into this new century of change, expanded awareness is required to meet the many global and personal challenges we face. Yesterday’s solutions are not what’s needed now. Simultaneous integration of both subjective and objective states of mind will be come the new norm— duality thinking slowly being replaced with oneness. Creative Mindflow offers a simple but profound way to master this new state of mind based on years of brainwave research and creativity investigation. Creative Mindflow offers a proven neurofeedback methodology to achieve an “eyes open” awakened mind brainwave pattern that was first discovered in the 70‘s with meditating yogi’s, spiritual masters and with creative artists during peak “aha” moments. George Pierson, Creative Mindflow founder, offers this methodology through his one-on-one brainwave feedback coaching, workshops and seminars around the world. www.creative-mindflow.com




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