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About the Festival

The Winter Festival of Wonders is a three day celebration of  Wonder, Magic and Play.

The Festival will take place from February 10 – 12, 2012 at Area 405 in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District in Baltimore, MD.

The gallery will house installations, sculpture and artwork throughout the weekend, which will also feature four ticketed performances, including The Wizards Ball, a Show of Magic, a concert by Telesma, and Dr. Nodnol’s Sunday Circus.

During the day, from Noon -5PM on both Saturday and Sunday, the gallery will be open, free of charge,  for viewing of the artworks, a Mystery Marketplace, and free performances and classes for the whole family.

Please Note: The Winter Festival of Wonders is Cash Only. Please bring Cash if you wish to Purchase Tickets at the door, enjoy our Carnival Food, Partake in Beverages, or shop at The Mystery Marketplace. 

.About the Organizers

The Winter Festival of Wonders is curated, organized and produced by David London and Jeramie Bellmay, the World’s First and Only Magician-Wizard Duo.

Together, David and Jeramie have been responsible for such creations as The Scoposcope, The Magic Hookah Lounge, The Phantasmagoria Weekend of Magic, The Sunday Circus and Sensorium. This Festival represents their latest efforts to spread Wonder, Magic & Play across the universe.