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Aligning Minds

Aligning Minds is a unique and captivating collaboration of two producers, Mike Folk and Dan Merrill, who use sound to achieve a mutual vision. Their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration of subsonic mood and emotional atmosphere. but without the need for formulaic restrictions. www.aligning-minds.com





Bagoas is an award winning tribal fusion belly dancer known for his musicality, technical power, precision and dramatic presentations. . Bagoas draws on a variety of artistic abilities including an extensive background in classical music as a pianist and vocalist, as well as fashion design, acrobatics and theatre. He has as been lovingly described by audiences as an Atari joystick, one liquid muscle, the Energizer Bunny of belly dance, a blur of bellyjiggles and most recently, a Red Hot Chili Pepper with Michael Jackson in his belly.



Brian  Baker

Brian, Baltimore’s Native Mystic Painter and Wild Captive of Divine Creativity maintains his Visionary canvases allow viewers to participate in Multi-dimensional Holographic Hallucinations, that are both the inspiration for and result of his paintings. www.soulforms.com




Christian Baker

Christian has directed, shot and edited award winning documentary films, commercials and television shows.  He is currently developing his next film, entitled “The Well.” He resides in Brooklyn, NY. www.cpbake.com




Heather Joi Baker

Heather Joi is an emerging inter-disciplinary self taught artist. She has been performing and exhibiting in Baltimore for the past seven years.  Heather Joi folds unifying simplicity of line, emotionally revealing and healing color, youthful ancient organic forms revealed in nature, archetypes from across cultural space time, and non objective biomorphism to create mystic psychic soul mirrors.  www.soulforms.com



 Jeramie Bellmay

Jeramie is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose work exists in both two and three dimensions, and often crosses into the fourth. He has devoted his life to exploring mediums and utilizing them to deepen his understanding of the natural and magical world around us. His experience includes painting, sculpture, wood burning, installations, theater, as well as set, prop & costume design and construction.  www.perceptionaltar.com



ellen cherry

ellen cherry is an Emmy nominated singer/songwriter based in Baltimore, MD.  She has  founded her own studio and label, Wrong Size Shoes, in 2004.  Recording continuously since 1997, her most recent album, (New) Years, crosses genres, artfully displaying her talents in folk, pop, jazz, and instrumental music.  ellen cherry mesmerizes her audience with her powerful voice and uses her keen, on-the-fly sense of humor to weave history, storytelling, and melody together. www.ellencherry.com



Cirque Oya

“A modern, vintage, futuristic, tribal, vaudevillian style spectacle!”  Cirque Oya is skilled in the circus arts, mesmerizing audiences of all ages with their exhilarating performances. They offer compelling aerial acts on the silks, hammock, Lyra, and SphyrAhh, a custom, one of a kind aerial apparatus designed by the goddesses themselves. Cirque Oya also specializes in stunning hoop dance, intrepid & vivacious fire eating and fire dance, and more! They have performed at
corporate parties, concerts,festivals, museums, and clubs in various cities along the east coast, wowing audiences with their dynamic artistry. www.cirqueoya.weebly.com


Alicia Cosnahan

Alicia is a Washington, DC artist who paints the nickname, DECOY. S was born near Brussels, Belgium, and spent most of her childhood in the villages of Europe. Her art focuses on figures not the figures alone, but their intersection with color and space. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Berry College in Rome, GA in 2001, and also studied at Studio Arts Centers International and Fuji Studios both of Florence, Italy. In the past few years her work could be seen on such things as, Modern Luxury, Capitol File, Worn Magazine, BBC world News, The Washington Post and more. www.decoyink.com


Joel Dream

Dream is a new media installation and projection artist.  His work combines mediums of multimedia, robotics, sculpture and performance to create immersive visual mindscapes and interactive environments.  He received an interdisciplinary degree in “Experimental Media Arts and Technology” from UNCA, and has exhibited his art at galleries, festivals and theaters in the Southeast.    He has collaborated with a multitude of musicians and performers as a video artist and VJ and is known for his mind altering performances and experiential projection environments.  www.AweLucid.com


Chad Ellis






Erica & Tony

Erica & Tony are an acrobatic duo, formed in 2010, when the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts called upon two of their  most advanced acrobatics students to create a new duo act. After many hours of painstaking training the duo found a style that delights audiences of all ages. Erica is also the founder of Charm City Movement Arts, a new Circus School in the Highlandtown Neighborhood of Baltimore.



Alexa Grey

It wasn’t until Alexa Grey emerged from her 20 year old freckley self and became one with the universe that she found conscious transcendence could be tried though a literary pursuit of self-expression, reciting poetry in an attempt to manifest the blessed and infinitely intangible beauties of the ever-changing human experience.





Ed Gross

In 2007, Ed retired as a meteorologist after 50 years of work and has been focusing mainly on art, from sculptures to functional art to metal collages. He has been working on his art since the early 90’s. The timeworn quality of the objects he finds helped form the vision for his work. All of his work is created from materials he can manage to salvage. Being self taught with no formal training, his work has been exhibited at numerous shows and exhibits in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area.  www.edgrossart.com




Dennis Haney

From the jungles of Vietnam to the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, Denny Haney has been entertaining audiences around the world for over forty years.Retiring from the road in 1990, Denny opened the Denny and Lee Magic Studios in Baltimore and Las Vegas. Recently, at the 2011 Society of American Magicians Convent ion, Denny was awarded the coveted Milbourne Christopher Foundation “Masters ” Award and is one of magic’s most respected magicians today. www.dennymagic.com




Kilowatts is one of the most prolific musical artists of the era, working with some of the greatest minds in the electronic music industry. A classically trained pianist, his work now embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and downtempo. His music is full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition. www.kilowattsmusic.com



Peter Krsko

Peter Krsko is a DC-based artist and the executive director of Albus Cavus, a non-profit collective of artists, educators and visionaries who use art, science and technology to improve public spaces with a goal to build healthy communities. Trained as a scientist, Peter is interested in interactions and dynamics within biological systems and recognizes the similarities between robust urban communities and natural ecosystems. Peter holds a Masters degree in Applied Physics and a PhD in Biophysics and Material Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. www.albuscav.us



Philip Laubner

Philip Laubner moved to Baltimore in 2007, and has since shown his photographs at Load of Fun, The Wind Up Space, Cyclops Books, The Strand Theater, CCBC Essex, The Artists Compound, at two Artdromeda multi-media shows. He is the producer of Instant Gratification at Gallery 788, and was the first contributor to What Weekly, where his photos and writngs have now been featured in nearly fiftyissues. He has also contributed photography to The City Paper, Urbanite Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and others. See some of Philip’s photos here!



David London

David London is the creator of four original theatrical magic productions, and the author of eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, who has presented his shows in over 1/3 of the United States. David regularly performs his unique style of magic at theaters, museums, galleries, festivals, and private events. When not on stage, he spends his time writing, making art, inventing things, and exploring the infinite possibilities of the world in which we exist. www.MagicOutsideTheBox.com



Mab Just Mab

Mab Just Mab, combines artistry and pain to create hilarious & compelling entertainment. A glasswalker and blockhead, escape artist and ukulele fanatic, she is a tenured freak at DC’s notorious sideshow venue & museum, The Palace of Wonders. Mab has as been featured in several documentaries and books on the sideshow revival, and performs solo, with The Accidental Circus, and as a pillar of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow. More info: www.MabJustMab.com




Francis Menotti

Having been a full time professional magician since 2000, Francis Menotti has captivated and amazed audiences all over the world with a distinct, original and unforgettable style of magic.  His performances have taken him all across the U.S. to Paris, London, and as far as Stockholm, Sweden. Outside of performing for the public, Francis has written and directed for magicians all around the world. www.FrancisMenotti.com





Mixtum is a creative tool for randomly selecting a trio of symbols to help generate unexpected ideas. There are a potential of 32,768 different trios that can be chanced upon. Mixtum began as a laboratory tool for preschool children to create new futures through synthesizing disconnected ideas and objects. A central idea of futures oriented education is to help people create their own alternatives to the dominant view of the future. This process requires creativity, inventive questioning, and considering diverse possibilities. Mixtum prompts players to exercise these skills, which are applicable not only for preschool children but to students and practitioners of art, writing, movement, music and anyone else interested in the fringes of human imagination. www.mixtum.org



Harley Newman

At birth, doctors wondered if Harley Newman would survive. They still wonder. Harley Newman as a master of stunts and escapes. He eats fire, walks barefoot on sharp swords, and dances in broken glass! He swallows swords and has two world records on the bed of nails! Harley has appeared on over 200 television shows worldwide, and viewed by approximately a billion people! He was rejected by the Guinness Book of Records as “too dangerous to publish.” www.bladewalker.com



Paco Fish

Paco Fish thrives on duality. A former scientist, Paco is a dynamic performer of spoken and physical comedy, burlesque, boylesque, stilt walking, juggling, and any other medium where he can find a stage.  Paco dismantles assumptions and defies convention with humor and passion.  www.PacoFish.net





Shortstaxx is a burlesque performer and producer, actor and femme-cee.   She is a troupe member of Baltimore’s Sticky Buns Burlesque, femme-cee for the DC-based fire/variety show Tilted Torch, dancer in DC’s newly founded 60s go-go troupe Shake! and recently produced and hosted her first Staxx Burly-Q Revue.  An actor, Kris Roth was an 11 year member of DC’s experimental Theatre du Jour with whom she co-created original works and directed The Zoo Story.   Kris has also worn the hats of stage manager, assistant director, light and soundboard operator, costumer and prop mistress.


Janet Spahr

Janet enjoys the fact that the hang adds a distinct element of delight and discovery to any event. Listeners have called her performances mesmerizing, and describe the sounds of the hang as serene, ancient, and spiritual.  Her soothing music and music videos can be found at http://spahrstudios.com/.





Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer Stephens is a Bubble Faerie who blows bubbles in her hands. She often performs as Marigold Bumbleroot, and has been a featured performer, along with her daughter, at the Maryland Renaissance Faire for 6 years brewing and blowing bubbles. Jennifer has made bubbles with Miscellaneous Oddiments for six years, and has also appeared at ArtScape. Jennifer will also be vending her washed river glass jewely at the Festival.  Click here to watch a  video of Jennifer perform




Strum The Fox

Strum The Fox is a trio of guitar, violin, and drums whose goal is to entertain the crowd and not take life too seriously. The trio’s on-stage theatrics create a high energy atmosphere that draws the crowd’s attention and keeps them wanting more. Strum The Fox’s sound is influenced by such artists as Queen, Frank Zappa, Tool, and good ol’ J.S. Bach, just to name a few. An eclectic instrumental mix of classical, rock, and jazz  Click here for more info on Strum The Fox


Lisi Stoessel

Lisi Stoessel is a scenic designer, visual artist, and puppeteer.  She has just moved to DC from Philly and is jazzed to be discovering hidden gems like Sunday Circus! Recently she has been learning Czech marionettes designing robots.  Lisi is an artistic associate of Chicago’s Sideshow Theatre Company and holds her MFA in Scene Design from the University of Virginia.  www.LStoessel.com




James Taylor

James Taylor is the planet’s foremost authority on sideshow and premier writer on the cutting edge of sideshows, the new vaudeville, the “other entertainment”! He is the publisher of Shocked and Amazed On and Off The Midway, the world’s only journal devoted to the sideshow. He is the curator in residence at The Palace of Wonders in Washington DC, and has appeared on countless TV Documentaries, Newspaper Articles, and Radio Interviews.  www.shockedandamazed.com





The Telesma experience is an ecstatic trans-cultural phenomenon with a highly infectious and danceable beat. Exploding on the Baltimore music scene in 2002, it soon developed a loyal local fan base and then shook the underground festival scene from coast to coast. Telesma’s blurs the line between performer and audience, attracting the most creative VJs, dancers, visual artists and body artists to its shows. Every Telesma show is a vortex of creativity; a celebration of body, mind and spirit. www.TelesmaBand.com



Ben Tolman

Ben Tolman was born in 1979. He grew up and lives in Washington, D.C. He received his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art in 2005, and is currently working towards his Masters Degree from American University. www.BenTolman.com





 Yoga Christy

Yoga Christy is a healer, teacher, and performer devoted to sharing the transformational practices of the ancient east. She specializes in Thai Yogassage and Personalized Yoga Therapy, and travels the country teaching Thai & Yoga Workshops. In her free time, she enjoys balancing swords on her head and people on her feet. Swami Christy will be sharing her magical healing skills with lucky volunteers at the Wizard’s Ball. www.yogachristy.com